Accidents that involve commercial vehicles are more common than most people realize. Do you know what to do if you’re rear-ended by a commercial vehicle? There are some standard things you should do if you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance. You also deserve to seek compensation for any physical or property damage you’ve suffered as a result of the accident. The following are recommended steps you should take if you are rear-ended by a commercial vehicle. If you have been rear ended by an commercial vehicle, including an 18 wheeler, you need to speak with an 18 wheeler accident attorney. Call our office at 888-221-7800 to speak with an attorney today!

You’ve Been Rear-Ended

Call The Police If You’ve Been Rear-Ended

The first step is to call the police and report the accident so they can begin investigating. If you are not able to call the police at the scene, you can call them from the hospital. It’s extremely important that law enforcement takes your statement and that of the other driver as well so that they can have a full report. In most cases, the police can determine who was at fault when they examine the scene of the accident.

What To Do If You Are Rear-Ended

Additional Steps After A Commercial Vehicle Accident

After contacting the police, there are additional steps you should take if you’ve been hit by a semi-truck:

  1. Go to the hospital. Even if you believe you do not have any injuries, you should go to a hospital and have a doctor examine you. Sometimes people do not seek medical attention because they do not feel any pain after an accident. It is important to note that some injuries may not be visible. A physician will run tests to rule out any internal injuries which could cause complications after a few days or weeks. There may also be delayed injuries that develop later after an accident.
  2. Get a full report of your injuries. Documenting all of your injuries you got because of the accident because you need the report to get compensation. Follow up with the doctor and ensure that you get proper treatment and keep all the doctor’s necessary information. If you do not feel well after a while, you can seek another doctor’s help because there might be some symptoms that the first doctor missed. Keep records of everything, including any medication the doctor prescribes you because you will need them to develop your case.
  3. Hire an accident attorney. It would be best if you got a lawyer who has experience dealing with personal accidents because they will be able to argue your case effectively. The semi-truck accident attorney will advise you on how to proceed with the issue to get the compensation you deserve. A lawyer will also make sure to collect necessary evidence for your case  to present to the court. The commercial vehicle’s company may be held responsible for the injuries and damages that their driver caused. If you have an experienced attorney, you might receive compensation from both the driver and the company.

Rear-ended By A Commercial Vehicle? Be Prepared

When you follow these necessary steps, as well as the instructions of your doctor and attorney, you will be able to receive compensation for all of the hardships resulting from a commercial vehicle accident. This can include medical bills, lost wages, home or automobile customization, and pain and suffering. Knowing all of this can help you be prepared should you ever be involved in this type of accident.