A semi-truck is a commercial vehicle in most states and has a higher risk of injuries and severe damage if they hit your car. Accidents involving semi-trucks are widespread. In most cases, they are caused by a distracted driver, failure to yield, following too closely, alcohol impairment, or loss of control. If a semi-truck hits your car, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you get compensated for your loss and get justice for you and any passengers who might have been with you at the time of the accident. If you are hit by an 18 wheeler, you need to speak with an 18 wheeler accident attorney right away! Call our office at 888-228-7800 for help today!

Car Hit By A Semi Truck

Report A Semi-Truck Accident To Police

Whenever there is an accident, it is imperative to involve the police. Report a semi-truck accident immediately so that the police can begin a preliminary investigation. The police will arrive at the scene, ensure safety and take a statement of the incident to make a report. You can get a copy of this report to assist with your legal proceedings later on. The police will take the driver’s information and determine who is at fault for the accident.

Even if you feel like it was your fault that the semi-truck hit your car, do not sign or make any statement saying so to the truck driver. In many cases, people are disoriented and emotional after an accident. It’s best to wait for the police, seek medical help, and let the police and your attorney do their job.

Seek Medical Help If You’re Hit

You must get medical assistance after an accident and have the doctor check for any injuries you may have sustained. Even if you don’t notice any immediate physical injuries, you may be suffering from internal injuries or delayed injuries which might cause more harm in the future. The doctor will issue a report detailing your physical condition. This will establish that the injuries were a result of the semi-truck collision. Be sure that the doctor gives you the full report regarding the extent of your injuries.

Notify Your Insurance Company About Your Car

Your insurance carrier needs to know that there has been an accident and so does the insurance company representing the semi-truck. If the driver is not the truck owner, their employer should also have information about the accident. However, it is recommended that you consult your lawyer before making a report about your injuries to the trucking company, the driver, or the insurance company.

An 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Can Help Your Semi-Truck Case

It’s smart to talk to an 18 wheeler accident lawyer and get advice before you make any decisions concerning your accident. The case might seem simple to you, but involving an experienced attorney will allow you to see every angle. Many lawyers will agree to represent the case on a contingency agreement, taking their fee from the payment you’re awarded. Therefore, they will work hard to win your case.