Leading Causes Of Preventable Injury-Related Deaths






A State Overview Of The Leading Causes Of Preventable Injury-Related Deaths By State 2019

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According to the NSC (National Safety Council) the top 3 causes of injury related deaths in 2019 by rank are as follows:
  1. Poisoning
  2. Falls
  3. Motor-Vehicle Crashes

In 2019 the U.S. experienced 173,040 preventable deaths and 48.3 million injuries resulting in $1,097.9 billion in costs. The preventable injury-related deaths have increased 99% over the last 27 years.

In the year 2019 about 1 in 7 people that were injured in an accident sought medical attention. The state of Indiana Crash Facts In 2019 reports that vehicle collision rates were nearly 3 times higher among young drivers than any other age group. You can source the Indiana Traffic Safety Facts publication to learn more about various aspects of traffic collisions, causes, events, conditions, demographics etc. that result in personal injuries and death.

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