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Police Misconduct Injury Lawyers in Indianapolis, Indiana


It’s undeniable. We live in a changing world and as a result, the American public’s relationship with police officers can be complicated. Instances of police misconduct make news headlines almost daily. In 2018 alone, there are just 23 days when a police officer did not kill someone in the line of duty. Overall, police misconduct may be on the rise, but laws that protect citizens from police misconduct remain the same. The unalienable civil rights of Americans are protected by the U.S. constitution, and cannot be denied by police officers, no matter the circumstances.

Most law enforcement officers are honest, and spend each day working to protect the rights of every Indiana resident. If police officers overstep their bounds, the guaranteed civil rights of the people are denied.

If you think you have been a victim of police misconduct, and your rights have been denied, then you need an experienced lawyer knowledgeable in protecting your civil rights. No matter where you are within the state of Indiana, Karpe Litigation is here to provide justice.

Working with Victims of Police Misconduct

Police misconduct can look like many different things, yet they all can affect a person’s physical and mental health. Being a victim of police misconduct can also change the course of a person’s life, if justice is not served. If you have been injured by a police officer or a victim of police misconduct in one of the following ways, the police misconduct and civil rights lawyers at Karpe Litigation Group may be able to advocate for you:
Even if you’ve been convicted of a crime as a result of your interaction with a police officer, that doesn’t mean you are not entitled to restitution because of an incident of police misconduct. Civil lawsuits can happen alongside a criminal defense case.

Violations of Civil Rights

Certain protections are in place for every citizen, if someone acting on behalf of the state denies your civil rights. These are protected under US Code 1983, which allows you the right to pursue a civil case against the person responsible for the incident. While an individual may not sue the state in a civil case without its consent because of something called sovereign immunity, US Code 1983 also provides an opportunity to prevent abuses by the government in the following ways:
  1. Overriding state laws
  2. Providing remedy where state laws are inadequate
  3. Providing a financial or legal remedy on the federal level where state remedy is available in theory, but not in actuality
Claims pertaining to US Code 1983 have expanded in the past few decades, and it can be complicated. Without careful, thorough preparation, your case can be doomed before you even begin, which is why having an experienced team prepare your claim will make all the difference.
Police misconduct shouldn’t destroy your life. Regardless of your status as a citizen, the criminal justice system owes you your civil rights. For years, victims of police misconduct have relied on the experts at Karpe Litigation to protect their rights and ensure that justice is pursued.

Contact Karpe Litigation for a free initial consultation to hear more about how we can help you defend your inalienable civil rights following an incident of police misconduct.