Indiana Workers’ Compensation Benefits

An unfortunate injury at your workplace will add to the expenses of your treatment. Severe injuries might result in temporary or permanent disability, and you will not be able to work to earn wages to support yourself and your dependents.

Thanks to the law and order of our society, there are workers’ compensation laws that will help you to get financial losses that you have covered due to the accident. All you will need to do is get in touch with a competent Indiana Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. However, according to statistics, Indiana is one of the states in America with the lowest workers’ compensation cost. It has the third lowest workers’ comp rate of 0.77$ index rate. In 2020 Indiana was ranked 48th.

Workers’ compensation lawyers are well versed with the state and federal laws concerning employment benefits. They will help you build a case and file a lawsuit that will fetch compensation for all your economical and non-economic losses that the accident has incurred.

At Karpe Litigation Group, we have attorneys who fight on behalf of unfortunate employees to get them medical coverage, loss of income compensation, and other benefits that are stated by the laws.

What Are The Kinds Of Benefits That A Worker Will Get From The Workers’ Compensation Law?

According to the rules and regulations of the workers’ compensation law, the employer and the insurance company are liable to pay the injured worker recoverable damage compensations. Here are the benefits that an employee is entitled to get:

Benefits That A Worker Will Get From

Medical Benefits

After an accident, the employer will need to go to a medical care facility to create the treatments that they will require to recover. All the medical expenses starting from the ambulance fees, doctor’s fees, medical diagnosis, surgeries performed, medicine costs, etc., will be borne by the employer or the insurers.

There is no waiting period to get medical benefits. The liable party has to pay for the medical expenses of the worker till they recover fully to be able to carry on with their daily activities.

With the help of an Indiana worker’s compensation attorney, you will be able to calculate the medical expenses that you incurred due to the accident. Workers comp lawyers are well experienced and they will not let a single penny slip out from the compensation.

Replacement of Wage Benefits

The workers’ compensation law helps the worker to get the wages that they have lost during the recovery period. The employers are bound to pay the salary if the employee was hurt at the workspace. However, the wage replacement benefits in the state of Indiana are not taxed. The amount of replacement the worker will receive depends on the kind of disability.

Temporary Partial Disability/Short-Term Disability

If your injuries allow you to return to work after a certain time post-recovery and you join your workplace for a shorter work hour, you will receive short-term disability claims. This benefit aims to cover the worker’s pre-injury and post-injury wages ensuring that the worker can continue with their daily life expenditures. A worker can avail of the STD benefits for 300 weeks.

Permanent Partial Disability

After the complete recovery, you might have a definite body part that is permanently damaged due to the accident. The doctor will determine by performing body function tests if there is any possibility of recovery. It is called PPI or permanent partial impairment. The PPI index of the injured person is the percentage of your body that has been damaged permanently. After determining the percentage, the rate will be transferred into dollars and paid to the employee.

Permanent Total Disability/Long-Term Disability

If the injured person can no longer recover from the injuries, i.e., they are permanently disabled then will either receive the PPI benefit or Long Term Disability Benefits. Whichever is greater.

You may face various kinds of hurdles when you are on the verge of claiming disability compensation. The insurance companies hired by the employers are generally liable to pay you these benefits. The insurers can be very tough when it comes to allowing compensation to the employees. An Indiana Workers’ Compensation Attorney has pro-negotiation skills, they will talk to the insurers and ensure that your benefits are not compromised.

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Death Benefits

Losing life to a workplace injury can leave the family of the victim on the verge of complete derailment. Especially if the demised worker was the sole breadwinner of the family they will find themselves in mid-ocean.

The workers’ compensation law will help the beneficiaries of the victim to get the death benefits. The death debit will be calculated as two-thirds of the demised workers’ weekly wages.

Other Worker’s Compensation Benefits In Indiana

There are a few additional benefits that the state of Indiana provides:

Medical Care

For all kinds of treatment after a workplace injury, the state of Indiana pays compensation without any deductibles. You will get reimbursement of your wages if you missed work due to your treatment. In case, if you have to travel out of the country or state to receive medical treatment, the liable party will pay you all the travel expenses. However, in Indiana, your insurance company has the right to choose the doctor for your treatment.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is the amount that you will get from a job that requires the training that you have received.

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This blog has detailed information on all the benefit claims that an injured worker can avail from the liable party. With the help of a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, you will not repent with the results. They will offer you the best service and ensure that all your losses are covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What Is Indiana’s Overall Limit On Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

    There is an overall cap for the benefits claimed for workers’ compensation. However, there is no limit to getting medical benefits.

  • 2. What are the three essential things that you need to cover in a workers’ compensation lawsuit?

    The three major things you need to cover to get workers’ comp benefits are:

    • You need to be an employee
    • You must get injured at your workplace
    • Your employer must have workers comp insurance
  • 3. What are the four major elements of workers’ compensation?

    The four elements of workers’ compensation are:

    • Wage add-ons
    • Benefits
    • Incentives
    • Base pay
  • 4. What are the three types of compensation?

    The three types of compensation are

    • Direct compensation
    • Indirect compensation
    • Intangible compensation
  • 5. How to select a good workers’ compensation attorney?

    You need to focus on a few attributes when you are planning to hire a good and competent Workers’ Compensation attorney:

    • Experience
    • Good communication skills
    • Good negotiating skills
    • Excellent track records