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After a major incident, you may find yourself battling with your insurance company to get the assistance you need. Not only after a major accident – chances are you will find yourself dealing with a difficult insurance situation at some point in your life.  Whether it’s a dispute with your medical coverage, homeowner policy, auto insurance, disability benefits, life insurance claim, property damage claim -the list goes on and on- it’s important to get the help of professionals like the insurance dispute lawyers at Karpe Litigation Group and have your insurance dispute handled as best as possible.

What is a “Bad Faith” Insurance Claim?

It may seem like your insurance company holds all the cards. Whether it’s auto, homeowners’, medical, life or disability insurance, there seems to be a mystery as to how insurance claims are approved or denied. So, when is a denied claim considered to be a bad faith claim?
Insurance companies hold all the cards when it comes to claim negotiation: they have the expertise and financial resources that individuals typically don’t have access to. This means the insurance company also has a responsibility to “do the right thing” when it comes to each claim, which is called “good faith.”
A bad faith insurance claim means that your insurance company is not acting reasonably; that their decision to deny you coverage following a claim is not justified. It means your provider fails to act reasonably in processing, investigating or paying out your claim.
Since insurance companies can appear to be larger than life to many people, the process of filing a complaint about a bad faith claim can seem like an insurmountable challenge. The best thing to do in a bad faith claim dispute is to hire an attorney who can get you the help you need.

When Your Insurance Claim is Denied

  1. Discover why your claim is denied: There are a multitude of reasons why a claim can be denied. Sometimes, this can be as simple as a code entered incorrectly by a hospital administrator or a doctor, but sometimes you’re facing a more serious issue. A phone call or email to your medical insurance provider can get you more information on why your claim is not approved.
  2. Get the help of your doctor or other professional: Especially with medical insurance, it can make all the difference to establish the need for treatment. Sometimes, a more detailed description proving your need for care from your doctor is all your insurance company needs to approve your claim.
  3. Keep applying – and don’t give up: Across the board, insurance companies are notorious for trying to keep their costs low, denying many claims as a result. It actually costs the provider money to continue to review your claim, so the more times you apply, the more likely you are to have your claim approved eventually.
  4. Get counsel from an attorney: Things can get complicated in dealing with your insurance company, even in the simplest of cases. We suggest you hire a professional to fight for your claim. The team at Karpe Litigation knows exactly which roadblocks insurance companies put in place to make it harder for you to get the assistance you need with your medical and other bills, and how best to navigate around those roadblocks, so you can move on with your life.
At Karpe Litigation, we believe your insurance company should be focusing on you rather than their bottom line, especially when insurance disputes occur. Although some providers are better at caring for their customers, these 10 companies are identified by the American Association for Justice as advocating the most for their financial gain, leaving their customers denied:
While customer experiences may vary greatly, we are here to ensure that your experience in dealing with your insurance company resolves as successfully as possible, no matter the provider. This includes handling cases involving breach of contract and declaratory relief.

A Risk-Free Initial Consultation

Are you searching for assistance with a particularly difficult Indiana insurance dispute or claim? Let the insurance dispute lawyers at Karpe Litigation evaluate your case. Contact us today for a free first consultation; there’s no risk involved. You pay nothing until you’ve settled with your insurance company.