The Estate of Aaron Bailey filed a complaint with the Indiana Southern District Court for the killing of Aaron Bailey by two IMPD officers on June 28, 2017.  Officers Michal Dinnsen and Carlton Howard discharged over 11 bullets in the rear and driver’s side of Aaron Bailey’s vehicle after Bailey wrecked following a brief police pursuit.  Four bullets struck Aaron Bailey in the back as he sat in his vehicle.  The complaint seeks relief for deadly injury and violations of the 4thand 14thAmendments to the Constitution by the officers and the City of Indianapolis.

Attorney Craig Karpe states, “Special prosecutor Cotter has kept us informed on the progress of his investigation, but we’ve received nothing yet about the evidence collected or his findings. The materials we’ve gathered to date show no legal reason or justification for the shooting of Aaron Bailey.  The complaint marks the next stage in our effort to discover the truth about this tragic event.  The Bailey family remains resolved to get justice for their dead brother”.

NOTE: The family of Aaron Bailey will be available for interviews on Friday at 5:00pm at their attorney’s office.

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