Indiana Wrongful Death Lawsuits [Everything You Need To Know]

Indiana Wrongful Death Lawsuits [Everything You Need To Know]

Bearing the death of a family member is a traumatic experience that leaves a void in life. It is even heart-breaking to discover that the end was a preventable accident. The unexpected death due to someone’s careless attitude or negligence of some kind demands answers or justice.

Any law, justice, or compensation cannot bring back your loved one, but it can ease the trauma of anger and frustration toward the responsible party. Top Personal Injury Attorney In Indianapolis, Indiana, can help you get deserved justice.

We understand the plight of losing a loved one, empathize and give our best to your case. We are the Leading Personal Injury Law Firm, We have the Best Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer, who can bring their experiences to the table and work best.

You can contact us for any help and consultation required for wrongful death.

Identifying Wrongful Death case

If you even doubt the wrongful death of someone, don’t leave it. To help you out with a simple meaning and basic understanding of criminal death cases, here’s a small explanation.

Wrongful death is considered under tort law that punishes any type of wrongdoing, recklessness, negligence, or action that causes unpredicted and unnatural death. It can be either an intentional or unintentional act that injures a person to the level that they die.

If you want to understand more regarding wrongful death cases, please contact our personal injury attorney.

A wrongful death exists when a person dies because of someone else’s negligence. The law enables the victim’s family to seek compensation in financial support for lost wages, funeral expenses, or lost companionship.

Getting more into the identification of wrongful deaths, let’s count on some of the most common causes of wrongful death. These causes can result from someone’s negligence or intentional act of hurting or injuring.

General Causes of Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths are unpredictable and unnatural deaths due to a responsible person’s negligence or conspiracy. In many cases, when a criminal conviction cannot be proved to the defendant, wrongful death under tort law plays its role.

Adding to it, there are even cases that are not criminal convictions. And is the result of negligence or carelessness. All these situations dealing with a person’s unnatural death are counted under the law against wrongful death.

Here is the list of common causes of wrongful death.

1. Road Accidents (Motorcycle, Car, Truck, Bicycle, and Pedestrians)

2. Slip and Fall Accidents, or premises liability

3. Medical Negligence or malpractice

4. Defective or malfunctioning product

5. Incorrect product usage manual

6.  Accidents on working site

7. Aviation accidents

8. Medication errors, overdose, or accidental poisoning

9. Drowning on some premises or under the supervision of a responsible guide

10. Intentional acts or conspiracy for violence or injury

11. Nursing home abuse and neglect

Want To Get The Best Wrongful Death Claim Compensation?

These all causes can be considered in two broad categories.

1. Wrongful acts involve violent activities, crimes, and the intention of hurting. The defendant can or cannot be convicted under criminal law, if the wrongful death is proved, they must compensate accordingly.

2. Negligent or Carelessness cases are unintentional wrong death cases that occur due to various causes mentioned above. Even if the accused did not intend, their act or lack of action is the reason for someone’s death.

The causes mentioned above are general. Every wrongful death case is different and requires the expertise of understanding and fighting for it accordingly.

To know about your case or any other specific injury, Consult the Karpe Litigation Group.  As one of the Best Wrongful Death Law Firms, We can help you to achieve the best compensation you deserve.

It is important to know the causes as it is essential to understand how they can be claimed. The following section discusses the damages that can be claimed and how. But before, keep in mind that it is crucial to study your case rather than generalizing it.


Types of Claimable Damages and its claims in Indiana

Top Indiana Personal Injury Attorney can help you identify the wrongful death case and its cause and fight it in the correct direction. Understanding how and what damages can be claimed is essential to choosing the right path.

Here are the types of damages available in an Indiana Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

Types of Claimable Damages and its claims in Indiana

1. A child or a minor

Someone younger than 20 years of age and with no dependents is considered a minor or a child.

In this case, the minor’s parents or guardians are eligible to be the beneficiary of the compensations for the loss of companionship and love given by the child.

The compensation includes healthcare expenses, the cost of counseling for the close relatives, and in some cases, even emotional support in the form of another dependant to fill the absence of the minor or child.

2. An unmarried adult with no dependents

In the case of an unmarried adult, there are no official beneficiaries for the compensation, as there are no dependants.

However, the ones closely related to the person can claim for funeral expenses or charged medical bills.

3. A Married person with dependants

The highest possible compensation is for a married deceased with surviving dependants, as they have many responsibilities.

The compensation can include loss of family income, future income, medical bills, funeral expenses, and emotional support for the loss of love, care, and guidance.

Hire The Best Personal Injury Attorney from the Karpe Litigation Group to make a robust and reliable case file for wrongful death. Our expert attorneys know how to deal with various cases and get enough compensation for the loss.

As we have seen what and how damages can be claimed, we realize that a professional is important to carry that all out. Let’s understand some roles a personal injury lawyer will play in your journey to make it smoother.

Why Hire Karpe Litigation Group In Indianapolis, Indiana copy

How can a Wrongful Death Attorney Help?

Dealing with situations where one has lost a loved one because of someone’s carelessness or recklessness is difficult. A professional personal injury attorney cannot completely erase the pain and suffering, but they can assist in making it comparatively bearable.

You might wonder why one should Hire the Best Wrongful Death Lawyer. Here are some points to help you with ways a wrongful death lawyer can help.

How can a Wrongful Death Attorney Help?

1. Researching and Investigation

A wrongful death attorney thoroughly studies and investigates the case. They collect the evidence to prove the case against the defendant.

2. Professionals know the legalities

Often it is tough to give a stand against the defendant, as they come up with their legal help. In this case, a  personal injury lawyer who knows how to have a grip on cases through laws is important.

Their experience helps you get the amount of compensation and support you need.

3. Better and experienced advice

After a wrongful death of a loved one, no one can normally think and solve the problems. Between all the frustration, grief, and confusion, a piece of experienced advice helps get through the phase.

The Best Indianapolis wrongful death attorney stays beside every part of the case and guides you in the correct direction. The lawyer will ensure the most out of the claim and deal with all the insurance companies and other legal parties.

4. Adept in negotiating and communication

The experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer helps you turn the case towards your side with the help of their experience and negotiating skills. A lawyer deals with these types of situations regularly. Thus, they can get you the best compensation.

5. Save your Time and Money

While everything is going on, you’ll have many things to cover as a close relative. To have time and money, it is essential to use both these resources efficiently.

An expert attorney will save your money. They will ensure that no one can benefit from the situation and bring a good number of claims for the defendants. Adding to it, Best Indianapolis personal injury lawyer will help save time in dealing with legalities.



No one can imagine the plight of losing a close relative or a friend due to someone’s wrongdoing. It is challenging to pass this time; unfortunately, the legalities worsen it. Legalities for compensation and support turn things ugly.

In that case, it is essential to have the Best personal injury lawyer by your side who can deal effectively with the defendants and bring the issue to your side. Although compensation cannot fill the void of your loss, it can ease the pain of it.

The claims of wrongful deaths can be made by the victim’s parents, spouses, children, and other family members. These parties mentioned have the right to be the beneficiary of the departed person. So, Understand your rights against the defendant, get a lawyer, and give an intense fight.

Karpe Litigation Group is the Top Personal Injury Law Firm In Indianapolis, Indiana with expert skills and experience in various cases that come under tort law. Our professionals are divided according to their expertise into different teams. Our well-known team for wrongful deaths has dealt with other issues and has gathered the required experience.

We can provide complete support in your journey towards coping with the loss of your loved one due to wrongful death. To get our services, contact us now, and get complete support from start to end.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What if wrongful death is denied in a criminal conviction?

    Wrongful death is termed under civil law, so even if you have lost your case in a criminal conviction, you can lodge a case under civil law rather than criminal law. Wrongful death is considered under personal injury laws; therefore, you can file a case in civil law irrespective of its criminal conviction decision.

  • 2. How can I know more about Wrongful death lawsuits in Indiana?

    Please feel free to contact our personal injury attorney with any query about wrongful death. We will be glad to help you out with any kind of guidance. With adept communication skills and legal knowledge, we ensure excellent advice to our clients.

  • 3. Which is the Best Indianapolis Wrongful Death Law firm?

    Karpe Litigation group is the Top Wrongful Death law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. We promise our clients to give our best and help them throughout their case proceedings. With years of experience in personal injury cases, we have a special team working for wrongful death. Contact us at 1-888-228-7800 to get a Free case consultation.

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