The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents In Indiana

The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents In Indiana

Motorcycles can bring the thrill and bring you the flavor of youth but they are also prone to more accidents due to the lack of safety. In 2020, fatal motorcycle accidents reached 134 in the count which was 113 in 2019 and the number of injured persons rose by 8% from 2019. These data are based on Indiana University Public Policy Institute. Based on these statistics you should be extremely careful if you are a motorcyclist and if a case of an accident comes unprecedently, you must get in touch with an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Attorney.

Whatever the cause of the motorcycle accident, if you are in such a situation there is law enforcement who are always available for your help. Whether you are the one at fault or you are a victim of someone’s negligence, a Motorcycle Accident Attorney will be there by your side.

Some people often think about whether they should seek legal help or not. They either have a notion that they will not get any compensation or they think that the procedure is too hard for them to carry on with. But once you have a lawyer by your side, all your problems will be their concerns.

Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will guide you from the first meeting till the date you receive the final compensation. At Karpe Litigation, we have a group of lawyers who have helped several plaintiffs and defendants regarding a motorcycle accident. We understand the physical pain (if any) and the mental anguish you are in. Our compassionate approach is something that is well praised by our previous clients and we assure you that you will be treated similarly. We have great resources to give you your desired compensation and even more.

In this pretext, let’s take a deep dive into the reasons that are behind motorcycle accidents and how the lawyer will help you.

1. Cause of Accident Where the Other Driver is at Fault

Probably, the motorcycles involved in multivehicle accidents are due to the fault of the other driver. The reasons are:

1. Often in such accident cases, it is seen that the other vehicle is taking a turn at an intersection and thus fails to see the motorcycle coming from behind. Eventually crashing results in catastrophic outcomes.

2. Often an amateur driver hits back gear in the parking lot without seeing the mirrors hitting the motorcycle that might be behind them.

3. Sudden lane changes can create panic in motorcycles coming from the back or result in a collision.

4. Furthermore, some drivers are distracted and violate traffic rules and regulations. Distracting might make them take their eyes off the road and hence cause a crash with a motorcyclist.

5. Perhaps the most irresponsible kind of fault is when the driver of the other vehicle takes any kind of intoxicating substance before driving and ends in a severe accident.

Note that even if the driver under influence does not meet the Indiana DUI limits of 0.8%, still the lawyer at Karpe Litigation can argue on the plaintiff’s behalf and try to establish that the reason behind the accident was the use of drugs or alcohol.

2. Cause of Accident Where the Motorcyclist is at Fault

In some cases, to be precise in 40% of the cases, the motorcycle rider is at fault for the accident. The law enforcement force has found out that in many cases it is the negligence of the driver or their instinct to violate the traffic rules that is the reason behind the accidents.

The reasons behind motorcycle accidents where the motorcyclist is at fault are:

1. The younger generation, riding a motorbike is often carried away by the adventure and thrill riding a motorcycle gives. They tend to race with other drivers or if the road is empty they accelerate at a high speed resulting in an accident.

2. It is observed on multiple-lane roads that motorcycle drivers are drinking in and out of the traffic or trying to bypass a car in a hurry. This can cause severe accidents as multilane roads tend to be busy and jammed.

3. You should maintain a respectable distance from the other cars on the road. But it is seen that motorcycle riders are following the other vehicles too closely and they fail to stop the bike at once with rare breaks.

4. DUI is also prohibited for motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, there are people who try to outsmart the rules and end up in fatalities or even worse killing someone or long-term disability.

Whatever might be the case, if you have come under the umbrella of Karpe Litigation Group, rest assured that your case will be thoroughly scrutinized and any loopholes of the other party will be used in your favor.

3. Weather and Road Conditions

Often, it is seen that there is neither the fault of the motorcyclist nor the other driver in the accident. But it is the weather or the road conditions that need to be blamed. Extreme weather conditions like snowfall, rain, thunderstorm, hailstone rain and high heat can lead motorcycles into a compromised situation. Potholes, broken roads, broken bifurcation, broken traffic signs, wrong traffic signs, etc., are also behind many motorcycle accident cases.

If these are the trigger behind your accident, no amount of precaution will work. But you can still raise a claim with the help of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Indianapolis. If the reason behind your accident was the road conditions, you will be able to sue the authority for compensation for your loss after the accident. Even if bad weather conditions resulted in your accident, you can claim compensation from the insurance companies for property damages.

Why Hire Karpe Litigation Group?

Contacting an Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer from Karpe Litigation Group will be the first step that you will be taking for full and fair compensation. We have a deep knowledge of liability law, damages, and insurance laws. Under the pretext of this knowledge, hundreds of clients have benefited from us.

We know the value of each customer and treat everyone equally, giving them time and resources that will help them in receiving compensation for their injuries after the accident. Every step taken by the client will be under our supervision and guidance. Our team members could be contacted at any time when the client is facing an emergency.


The way to avoid a motorcycle accident is by riding safely and abiding by all the traffic rules. Motorcycle riding might be your thing as you are an adrenaline junkie, but remember your safety, and that too the safety of other people on the roads is your responsibility. However, if you have landed in a compromised situation, do not worry! Indiana Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Karpe Litigation Group are angels in disguise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How will I claim compensation after a motorcycle injury?

    Contact a personal injury lawyer who specializes in handling motorcycle accident cases. They will help you do all the needful in order to get the desired compensation after a motorcycle accident.

  • 2. What is the statute of limitation for filing a motorcycle accident in Indiana?

    The statute of limitation in Indiana to file a lawsuit for a motorcycle accident is two years from the date of the accident. In case you miss the deadline, you will become invalid to lodge a further lawsuit.

  • 3. Can I still file a lawsuit if I am not hurt in a motorcycle accident?

    You can file a lawsuit even if you are not hurt in a motorcycle accident. However, you will not get any compensation for physical injury but you can definitely sue the other party for mental suffering that you might have gone through. Furthermore, you can sue the insurance company for the damage claim of your motorcycle.

  • 4. Will I get compensation for the loss of wages after a motorcycle accident?

    Yes, you can claim compensation for loss of wages if it was after your motorcycle accident. You will need to provide medical records from your consulting doctor stating that the injuries were the reasons you were not able to work. In case, you do not have physical injuries, but you are suffering from post-traumatic depression, you can also claim compensation for lost wages with the help of a lawyer.

  • 5. What are the safety gears that I would use while riding a motorcycle?

    Wearing safety gear while riding a motorcycle will ensure that in case you meet an accident, you will not be injured severely. The safety gear includes a helmet, bikers’ jacket, knee pads, elbow guards, gloves, and allied material.

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