Most Common Injuries After A Car Accident

Most Common Injuries After a Car Accident

Car accidents are unfortunate events that affect everyday life and their impact shakes the routine. As a type of personal injury, car accidents are justified by tort law and are included under civil law. Numerous injuries make your case eligible for claimable compensation.

Car accident injuries require medical assistance and even other charges, these expenses can be incurred by demanding an amount of compensation from the party responsible for the mishappening.

Karpe litigation group can help you in investigating the case and understanding the injuries by mapping its past and upcoming possible expenses. As the Top Car Accident Attorney, we leverage favorable outcomes for your car accident case.

To understand and get an approximate idea of injuries after a car accident, we, Indianapolis Best Car Accident Law Firm, have highlighted the most common injuries after a car accident.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Let’s first understand what leads to car accidents and such damages. There are numerous reasons and some kinds of negligence that added up to the unfortunate situation that led to an accident. Here are some of the most common reasons for car accidents.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

1. Exceeding the Speed Limit

The most common reason for car accidents exceeding the speed limit on the roads. Often people can’t judge and decide what to do in an access speed. This type of misjudgment leads to an accident.

2. Distracted and Reckless Driving

According to a survey in the U.S., distracted driving is the top cause of car accidents. There can be numerous distractions such as mobile phones, car T.V., talking to the people in the car, and many others.

Even reckless driving such as violating the driving rules, exceeding the speed, and various other driving styles that do not follow the general and specific traffic rules, leads to car accidents.

3. Weather Conditions

Some situations are out of human control and weather condition are one of them. Lack of visibility and lesser grip on the road due to rain and storm can lead to road accidents.

4. Breaking Red lights and stop signs

Many times people can not be decisive due to breaking red lights or seeing others breaking stop signs. These signs cut short the chances of road accidents, but sometimes people oversee or ignore them.

5. Defective Automobiles

After a maintenance service or because of a manufacturing defect in the engine or design of the car can lead to mishappening. Any of these defective parts or designs can cause serious road automobile accidents.

6. Unsafe and wrong-way driving

It is important to drive safely by biding every safety traffic guidance and rule. This includes unsafe lane changes, turns, and overtakes. It often causes car accidents as two drivers wouldn’t be able to judge.

Many times wrong-way driving keeps more than one car at risk.

7. Teenage or driving without a license

License often indicates fitness for driving, and when someone who is not fit for having a driving license drives a car, they put themselves and others in a danger. For car driving there is a specific age limit that restricts some age groups from driving a car.

Adding to it, a car driving license has strict driving tests, after that only one can get legal permission to drive a car. It is often observed that car accidents are led by people not fit for driving the vehicle.

8. Dizzy and alcoholic driving

While driving a car, it is crucial to note that the driver is completely conscious and aware through all the senses. Alcohol and drugs make the mind dizzy and impair the driver’s ability to drive carefully.

Whatever the reason is, if one doesn’t feel complete control over their mind, they should avoid driving in all cases as it can cause a serious car accident.

9. Street Racing

Another thing to keep in mind is that a local road is for car driving and not racings. People enjoy participating in or challenging their friends or family for a race on road. But that may keep themselves and others in severe danger of car accidents.

As we have discussed there can be numerous reasons and causes of car accidents. One has to be aware of all the safety rules and instructions so that one can avoid a car accident as much as possible.

Sometimes, in the accident of more than one car, not every driver is responsible. Therefore, for any type of car accident, it is important to make out the responsible party who will have to take the liability of paying compensation. Indianapolis’s Best Car Accident Lawyer can help you in investigating and drafting the claims.

For understanding what and how can you claim compensation, it is important to know the most common injuries in car accidents.


Common Injuries after a car accident

Well, there are distinctive types of injuries possible in a car accident, but all can be classified in the below-mentioned list of the 10 most common injuries after a car accident. Have a look at the injuries to comprehend the cases in a better way.

Common Injuries after a car accident

1. Ortho injuries

One of the most common car accident injuries is bone or muscle injury caused by the collision’s sudden shock. Chest injuries are possible due to seat belts, and head injuries are likely due to the head hitting any surface of the car.

Generally, people through car accidents can have the following types of orthopedic injuries:

1. Hairline crack – A small type of stress fracture with minimal damage to bones.

2. Muscle injury – Ranging from mild to severe, it depends on the level of jerk and collision.

3. Partial fracture – A level of damage higher than the hair-line crack, a partial fracture is when not the whole bone but a part of it is broken.

4. Non-Displaced Fracture – This is when a bone breaks into two or more pieces but stays in the same place.

5. Displaced fracture – A more severe kind of fracture in which the bone breaks into multiple pieces and moves away from its position.

6. Closed Fracture – In a closed fracture, a bone breaks severely but stays underneath the skin.

7. Open Fracture – Possibly, the most severe and rare kind of fracture, in which a bone is broken and breaks out through the skin, damaging muscles and other layers.

2. Bruises

As bone and muscle injuries bruises are also very common and aren’t that serious. Often bruises are subcutaneous that are just beneath the skin and take hardly two weeks to heal. But then, intramuscular (underlying muscles) and periosteal (occurs to bones) are severe and take more time and medical assistance to be healed.

3. Facial and Neck Injuries

Firstly, talking facial injuries is a serious condition because the face has all the sensitive organs including the brain and sensory receptors like eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. They can easily be damaged through even a light collision.

Bone fractures, deep cuts on the face, eye injuries, soft tissue injuries, burns on the face, tooth loss, and possible deformities, are generally possible face injuries.

Like face injuries, neck injury is also severe and can be caused even with a light jerk. As the neck is a thin base for the head, any kind of collision can affect its muscles, tendons, cartilage, and other soft tissues.

4. Brain and Back Injuries

Resulting of collision, the brain or spinal cord can be affected. Although it is difficult to diagnose a brain or spinal injury a few days after an accident, it takes longer. Also, back injuries are one of the worst pains and are more severe if it includes spinal injury.

Some of the back injuries include, strain, slipped disc, ruptured disc, sprain, and pinched nerve or nerve damage.

5. Scars and Disfiguration buy injuries

Sometimes injuries can be healed but their presence always stays and requires long-term medical assistance. Scars on the face and disfiguration can change a person’s appearance which then requires plastic surgery to minimize its effects.

6. Legs and hand injuries

Injuries and damages to legs and hands can be mild and severe, depending upon the type of accident. Hands can be injured while someone tries to save themselves, as it has delicate bones.

Like hands feet have small and delicate bones, adding to it, legs are stretched in cars and therefore, any injury on it is quite common. Very rarely, a bone in the hands and legs can be damaged to the extent that it cannot be healed, then the bone is to be replaced with an artificial supporting part.

7. Burns

Often in car accidents, people come in contact with hot parts of the car or liquids that cause burns. Although these types of burns can not be severe and threatening, if a vehicle catches fire, it can be a threat to life.

To understand the types of burns, there are four levels of degrees. The first degree is minimal damage with no blistering. The second degree is damage that goes beyond the 1st layer of skin. Third-degree goes beyond all layers of skin. The fourth degree is the most severe condition where the damage goes to muscles and bone.

8. Paralysis

This is a severe and chronic condition that is caused by heavy collision to the spinal cord or a part of the brain. It forbids partial or complete mobility, and can rarely be treated in a way to revert to the normal condition.

Paralysis can lead to loss of feeling, touch, and movement. It also hampers reflex actions, causes difficulty in breathing, and chronic pain.

9. Internal Bleeding

Caused by a blunt and heavy collision, internal bleeding is a serious medical condition. Often, internal bleeding is not caught immediately, but it can be a chronic injury. It damages muscles, bones, and organs, but not the skin.

10. PTSD and Distress

All these injuries mentioned above and the sudden shock of an accident can cause post-traumatic stress disorder or mental distress including depression. These mental conditions are also included in car accident injuries.

What to do after a Car Accident

According to the severity of the injuries, Best Car Accident Attorney In Indiana can help you in the investigation, claims, and fighting the case in all legal places. Hire The Best Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer, to get favorable results.

You can contact Karpe litigation group, As we are one of the best car accident attorneys in Indianapolis with legal expertise in tort law.


Car accidents cause distress and frustration in the life of the sufferer and the family of the sufferer. In the meantime, for healing and recovery, it is crucial to concentrate on medical assistance rather than the legalities of the case.

A lawyer will assist you in any kind of legal requirement and will also facilitate compensation for the medical and other related expenses to the car accident.

Karpe Litigation group is the Best Law Firm For Car Accident, with legal expertise in tort law and profound knowledge of civil law. Our specific team for car accidents has lawyers with legal experience, good academics, and accountable professional skills. We assure our clients a favorable outcome and compensation, we only charge our fees, once our client gets their required financial aid.

If you want to have well-rounded assistance over your car accident case, please contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the most common ortho injuries after a car accident?

    Common ortho injuries are muscle pain, partial & close fracture, hairline injury, and wrist, and hand injuries.

  • 2. Does road rash also consider a common injury after a car accident?

    Yes, sometimes broken glasses, torn sheet materials, or flying elements can hurt the driver after a car accident. Road rash is induced by friction from being dragged or skidding on the surface.

  • 3. Can I sue if I was in a car accident?

    Whenever you get into any type of car accident, at a minimum you need to file a personal injury claim for compensation with your insurance company. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, which is why you need to hire an attorney for car accidents.

  • 4. Can I receive compensation if I am partially at fault for the car accident?

    However, it depends on the situation and what evidence proves the accident. If both parties are involved partially then it comes to what percentage will be assigned to each driver. Later it depends on the jury’s decision.

  • 5. How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana?

    Well, it’s not fixed; it varies from case to case. If you hire the best Indianapolis car accident lawyer, their initial consultation is free of cost, moreover, they don’t charge a single penny until they win the case.

  • 6. Which is the best car accident law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana?

    Karpe Litigation Group is the leading car accident law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have extensive expertise in helping our clients get deserving compensation in case they face a brutal car accident in Indiana. Do you need our assistance for your legal claim? Connect with us now!

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