Why Should I Hire A Karpe Litigation Group Semi-Truck Accident Attorney?

Why Should I Hire A Karpe Litigation Group Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

In recent years, from 2014 to 2016 Indiana was ranked fourth in truck and bus accidents. However, a semi-truck accident is a life-changing event. Semi-truck accidents are ten times more severe than any other vehicle’s mishaps. As it carries heavy luggage and drivers drive for long hours. Driver’s drowsy driving poses may cause serious danger to everyone; the size and weight of the tractor-trailers make them particularly deadly in a crash.

There are numerous reasons for semi-truck accidents, which causes individual catastrophic injuries that last a lifetime or even a person may lose their life.

Let us take a glimpse at the reasons, that can cause accidents and in what ways Karpe Litigation Group can help you.

Blind Spots and No Zones

Trucks’ blind areas are significantly larger than other vehicles due to their length and structure. For other vehicles in the outskirts, the space diagonally to either side and directly behind the truck should be considered “no-zones” because it is unseen to the truck driver. Trucks switching lanes into a car in their blind zone or a truck braking unexpectedly when a vehicle is directly behind them are the reason for frequent accidents.

Wide Turn

Trucks must swing wide to the left when making a right turn and wide to the right when making a left due to the large vehicle size and carrying heavy luggage. When trucks fail to see the smaller vehicles surrounding them on either side or when cars or motorbikes are to the truck’s right and next to the curb while making a right turn, accidents result from this circumstance.

Drivers Fatigue

Due to long-distance driving non-stop, drivers may get fatigued and lose control while driving. In such cases, the owner of the truck must take the responsibility of hiring two drivers for one vehicle so that if one gets tired second can take hold of the next journey.

Servicing of Vehicles

Vehicle maintenance must be done promptly and with a high priority. Lack of care can lead to brake failures, tyre blowouts, overloaded trailers, etc. The truck’s owner must take care of the trucks and vehicle drivers too. They should hire well-trained and licensed drivers.

These are the most common reasons for truck accidents, however, accidents are very sudden and uncertain incidents. We can’t predict but can take precautions to avoid such circumstances. But, if you meet such an accident, you must seek a professional attorney.

If you are a victim of an accident involving a commercial truck, semi-truck, or tractor-trailer, a semi-truck accident attorney is a proficient person for such incidents. You must prefer to consult a top semi-truck accident attorney in Indianapolis and get relevant solutions.

Reasons to Hire a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

There are a few reasons, why you should hire an attorney on priority.

Reasons to Hire a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

When You are Injured

Semi-truck accident injuries can be debilitating and costly. Firstly, you should seek medical help immediately but once you get quite stable you must look for an attorney. You might have to spend huge on medical bills and recovering property and you must claim deserving compensation. An attorney will help you to compensate for every expense and damage. They will tell you what all documents are necessary to claim an accident case. Moreover, will fight for you and get justice.

Insurance Companies Denies to Pay

Most insurance companies denies to pay or compensate you less than you deserve. An Indianapolis Semi-Truck Accident Attorney is aware of all the ins and out, they know how to negotiate appropriately and what is right in the eyes of law.

Professional Guidance

In a semi-truck accident is also important to know who is at fault and who is liable to pay an individual. In such cases, victims and nearby people must know the legal steps they can take. An attorney will personally guide you and give you relevant solutions for the case. Once you approach an attorney, they will study your case and gather the relevant documents which can help you to make your case stronger.

Represent You In Court

Although an attorney takes hold of the case it is very important to represent it appropriately. A semi-truck accident lawyer knows what is better to negotiate and win the deserving compensation.

Well, the Karpe Litigation Group is one of the best semi-truck accident law firms in Indiana. We have a team of skilled attorneys who hold years of experience.

Let us take a look at how Karpe Litigation Group can help you in semi-truck accidents.

Why Hire A Karpe Litigation Group Semi-Truck Accident Attorney?

Why Hire A Karpe Litigation Group Semi-Truck Accident Attorney?


We have more than 20 years of experience providing legal services. Since 1995, Craig Karpe has been practicing law. In 1999, he founded Karpe Litigation Group intending to protect Indianapolis people’s rights. From the initial demand through the jury trial, Craig has successfully contested hundreds of accident and injury claims. He frequently takes on challenging matters that other attorneys have dismissed and brings them through to successful resolutions.

The legal team at Karpe Litigation Group is composed of seasoned professionals. Each attorney is committed to ensuring that Indianapolis people receive justice.

Gathering Documents

It’s crucial to keep all relevant paperwork safe, such as prescription drug costs, hospital expenses, doctor’s fees, etc, because it is the only admissible evidence supporting your claim.

Every case receives individualized attention from our attorney, who also collects all relevant evidence. Additionally, we ensure that nobody tampers with or abuses them. The opponent typically tries to destroy or steal the evidence. We securely store them.

Negotiate on your behalf

Negotiating is a crucial step in every case. An attorney must negotiate on several issues to secure the best possible settlement. Before requesting reimbursement for expenses such as medical bills, property damage, doctor visits, etc., it is essential to provide every little detail. Combating insurance companies can be challenging at times. They make an effort to underpay you.


We have fought for more than 100 clients. Our primary goal is to satisfy and alleviate our clients of their concerns. We have a strong client base, testimonials, and feedback. Many of our clients keep in touch with us after the lawsuit is over in case they ever need more help. Additionally, we value any feedback from others and work to make any necessary improvements.

Attorney Fee

We work on a contingency basis. We don’t charge a single penny until we win the case. Moreover, our consultancy is also free of cost. Initially, our main motive is to win the deserving compensation and give justice to an individual. However, we make sure that clients shouldn’t bother anything in terms of money, as they are already going through a difficult period.


Semi- Truck accidents are deadlier than any other vehicle accidents. If one meets such an accident, one should immediately seek an attorney and then go further. In terms of law, if any step is taken wrong you will lose what you deserve. Although, if you hire an attorney for a semi-truck accident, you can leave the entire responsibility to lawyers and look after your health.

At Karpe Litigation Group you will find the best Indianapolis semi-truck accident lawyer. When there is nobody beside you, you will find us strongly being your supporter. Connect with us for the best legal services and get consulted by professionals regarding your case. We give our best to get the desired compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the common causes of semi-truck accidents?

    Below are the most common causes of a semi-truck accident

    • Poor and problematic maintenance
    • Driver fatigue (especially as a result of a shortage of drivers)
    • Overloaded trailers
    • Brake failures (especially on a road with a grade)
    • Trucks tipping over
    • Tire blowouts
    • Wide turns
    • Problematic blind spots
    • Broken warning and safety devices
    • Lack of driver training
  • 2. Is it expensive to hire a semi-truck accident attorney?

    Well, an attorney works on a contingency basis, which means you only pay when you win the deserving compensation. Initially, you don’t have to worry in terms of money. To know more you can book your free consultation with us at 1-888-228-7800 or mail us at info@karpelitigation.com.

  • 3. How Can I connect with the Karpe Litigation Group?

    You can reach out to us today by giving us a call at 1-888-228-7800. Alternatively, you can also drop us an email at info@karpelitigation.com. Connect with us today and get a free consultation from the best Indianapolis semi-truck accident attorneys.

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